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NASTY TURBO Cadillac CTS-V – Turning Head Every Where

Probably the most Nasty car TURBO Cadillac CTS-V Not an easy car to drive  with the stock engine.


Seems to be the most coolest coor.. see how crazily its been driving on the road. driver has it tuned for 22lbs of boost. That turbo is good for 40+psi

Not intercooled? he’s gonna blow something soon with a 101mm turbo and no cooling… No problem. Water coolers are much more efficient for a setup like this. Less tubing than a air to air, which means less pressure drop. You can drop some ice in the tank and get your air lower then ambient temperature. Bugatti uses water cooling in the Veyron as well.

This was probably the NUTTIEST car we encountered at the Pikes Peak Air Strip Attack – this 1170hp 101mm turbo equipped Cadillac CTS-V was turning heads everywhere it went. Hop into the passenger seat as we race down the 1/2 mile raceway at over 180 mph!


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