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Never Ever Brake Check a Cummins ! Road Rage with the Diesel Truck Driver !

This video looks so crazy that it just might be staged. Taken from the passenger seat of a Cummins diesel powered ram, it starts with just normal driving.  The driver is venting about everything thats going wrong with his life while driving down the road. Stuff like this gives us Diesel Truck owners a bad name!   99% of diesel truck owners are responsible drivers who don’t do stuff like this but the few who do give us a bad name!   We think there is no excuse for messing with another dudes car,  The SUV decides to mess with him and brake checks him.  This just pisses the Cummins driver off more who follows the suv as it turns onto a side street.  He floors it and rams the back of the SUV repeatedly, almost spinning the car and pushing it off the road. I know the fool sitting from this side of the wheel, I don`t know the fool sitting on the other side. The video below fully corresponds with the aforesaid. So, what do we have here today? There is this guy is a Cummins , pissed off by some things which are not things that should bent you out of shape so easily. But this guy is a weak character. Anyway, he describes why he is in such mood. In the meantime another vehicle shows up in front of his truck and politely brake checks him. But our little rascal didn`t get the message and started hitting the other vehicle .





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