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New Toyota Supra Drifting on A Wet Road ! Watch This Beast

Drifting a New Toyota Supra is not easy on a wet road what you guys think ? Every body can’t do drifting on a wet road with this beast. Today we are showing you an amazing video of New Toyota Supra that is drifting insanely on a wet road . The video’s length is only a minute, but is hypnotic enough to make you want to push the replay button which almost don’t work sometimes . ” Touge ” is a Japanese word that literally means ” pass ” and is used to refer to a winding road in the mountains. Such roads, when empty , are places sought after by those who want to drive just a little bit more, well , lively . And this guy completely dominated this touge in your Supra . A supra original biturbo or at least without aesthetic modifications , it’s an amazing find . The video below and dont forget to share this .


But, beyond the drift itself, what stands out is the car. Because the New Toyota Supra was so successful between trainers and customizers which is very difficult to find an original copy and car video looks relatively stock . 



It turns out that this is not a Supra twin turbo , which used the mythical six -in- line 2JZ – GTE 320 hp . The Tengu car is the naturally aspirated model, known as NA5 had 220 hp and torque of 28.5 mkg . Not hardly , but nothing impressive as the turbo model . Therefore, is not so rare to find , however, many of them were turbine to stay with nearby or even better than the original Supra twin turbo specifications.For now it is all original , but Tengu is transforming its Supra NA5 in a TT6 . He started wisely : changing the W58 manual transmission, five-speed , the V16x , six-speed . After all, this will not just be a drift car .


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