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Nissan GT-R Snow Adventures ! Massive Power Used

Make your own shopping cart sled, attach a long piece of rope to your Nissan GT-R and go honing in the snow. These guys have Good idea or great idea? This could be at the next Olympics . we would defiantly watch it! The black Nissan GT-R is looking amazing. The car was reportedly taken home by Officer Will Johnson, an investigator with the South Bend Police Department. . The department is looking into the matter, after the photos were posted on Facebook by South Bend resident, Gary Morseau, who posted that he was upset with how the car was being used. NewsCenter16 spoke to Capt. Phil Trent with the South Bend Police Department earlier Thursday evening.“His take home car privileges have been currently suspended and we are examining the images that were provided to us as well as investigating the claims to see what, if any, duty manual violations were committed or violations of Indiana law,” said Trent.

A sled that looks like it could have been made from a shopping cart was hooked to the back of a Nissan GT-R and pulled around a snow-covered street. Notice that the sign on the front of the sled said, “Hold my beer.”


Sledding is an affordable way to play in the snow that can be done nearly anywhere in Pagosa Springs. Popular sledding sites include Reservoir Hill and the parking area at Lobo Overlook. For a more tranquil experience, let the magnificent draft horses of Astraddle a Saddle take you on a peaceful sleigh ride. Watch this amazing video of Nissan GT-R and also share your views with us .

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