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Nissan GTR R34 Insane Accelerations Amazing Sounds ! 700HP+ Custom

The one of the best and fastest Nissan GTR R34 built by Japanese pro tuner Mine. This Nissan is considered  supreme. The Nissan GTR R34 is a car that can grab your attention no matter if modded or bone stock. The car is literally like a fine wine, it just getting better with age. It’s funny that after all these years an R34 remains on the list of cars that everyone wants to own. It doesn’t matter if you were born in the 80s, 90s or dare I say 2000’s, there is a great chance that you have the desire to one day own a GTR. I think that for me it started back in the PS1/Gran Turismo days, saving up all those credits to be able to one day buy the Mine’s Skyline. Arguably for some, it may even have been the Fast and Furious franchise. For David Lai however, the Skyline was everything he wanted in a car and then some.

This Nissan GTR R34 was once in the hands of Zele Performance in Yokohama, Japan, but it now resides in the hands of 24 year old Jesper.



The car is simply flooded with all types of JDM goodies.  The first thing about the exterior that catches your eye is that timeless Midnight Purple paint.  It literally dances in the sun with hues of orange, purple and blue. Capturing the color in photos isn’t an easy task but I think that Sebastian definitely did it justice. The boost was also cranked up and things like the HKS Kansai strut brace and Carbotech brake pads were added to make this an all round sick ride . Looking at the front end of the Skyline GT-R in these pages, most of you will already know we are referring to carbon-Kevlar.



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