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Nissan GTR R34 VS Nissan GTR R35 In Russia ! Brothers In Fight

Do you ever find Same blooded relatives are fighting in the cold land of Russia? Does the old Nissan GTR R34 will keep the pride related with his legendary name “Skyline“? The performance numbers are on his side, 800 horsepower, mighty hell under the hood powerful enough to defrost Siberia and to make scary roaring that can cause avalanches. On the other side Nissan GTR R35 standing shoulder to shoulder on the street. Maybe still young but with proven racing history, yeah, not so long as his older cousin Nissan GTR R34. But the cousin recently took steroids, HKS GT570 racing package which pumped his muscles a little bit increasing the horsepower to 570 hp. Love this amazing race.

Nissan GTR R34 VS Nissan GTR R35 In Russia

Maybe the young Nissan GTR R35 570 horses are faster than old Nissan GTR R34 800 horses or? Let’s give them a try and watch the illegal street battle for pride. They launch together but it seems like the driver of the Nissan GTR R35 GT570 is a bit scary? Tell us what you think in the comments. Watch the video and enjoy the roaring from the mighty Japanese kamikaze. There is the wet asphalt to make things even more exciting. However, we are pretty sure that these guys know what they are doing. The traffic light turns green and off they go! Thanks to the Russian camera in each car, you have the opportunity to see how these beasts perform in this race.

You can easily notice how the both cars Nissan GTR R34 and Nissan GTR R35 are accelerating and to which point are even. But, after few seconds, one of them is going very fast ahead. We are not going to tell you, it is up to you to see which one does that. After finishing the race, they are simply taking their spot in the parking lot, like nothing ever happened. Who will win the race ? Can anybody guess ? Nissan GTR R34 Or Nissan GTR R35, To know this just watch the video and enjoy.


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