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Nissan Skyline With V12 4 turbos Engines !

Look closely at the Nissan Skyline . As French , you probably have never seen in real life but just in Gran Turismo . Yet , this one is French and is not too original . There are four years , Luc- Michel Faichaud imported a beautiful R34 GTR V -Spec England wanting to make her perfect car and taking inspiration from the R33 Le Mans in 1995. The R34 quickly finds totally boned deep his garage . Instead of following to the letter the Luc – Michel rewrote the rules . While most people buy a Nissan Skyline for its legendary six-cylinder RB26 , and takes him to buy a 7.0l V12 Mercedes . Why ? Because he wants to reach easily 1000ch and the 48-valve V12 is like two assembled RB26 . It is a high technology, a large displacement , a relative lightness and good enough to satisfy AMG , Brabus and Pagani . Watch this insane Nissan Skyline with a huge V12 engine and 4 turbos owned by Luc-Michel Faichaud! OMG this ride it’s a beast with AMG engine with four turbos instaled!



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