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The incident occurred in June last year, but the photos just now made ​​public.
Three containers from a cargo ship into the waters of the Port of Ensenada, in the province of Buenos Aires. Two and one wore electronics housed the Mercedes SLS “Gullwing” seen here.
The client who had commissioned it never received. The insurance company determined that the vehicle was unrecoverable. He was not even removed from the port, to avoid having to nationalize.
He wiped as much as possible and Mercedes-Benz engineers even managed to start it, after having it almost five days drying in the sun. Eyewitnesses say the 6.2-liter V8 and 571 horses started, but the amount of lights and alarms arising board confirmed irreparable damage to the electronics.
The car sailed back towards Germany, where I was completely disarmed with the sole purpose of scientific curiosity. In a laboratory in the town of Affalterbach remained rioplatense silt samples.


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