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Paul Walker stunt scene FAST & FURIOUS 7

The director James Wan and the filmmaking team have done an exceptional job in re-crafting the film and finishing Walker’s performance using stand-ins, Walker’s own brother and special-effects wizardry to let the star go out in style, even if it’s hard to separate how he died with some of the film’s scenes. The filmmakers also have created a hugely touching finale (but NO SPOILERS on how) that should have the audience in tears after more than two hours of solid, no-holds-barred excitement.

you are not cheating the audience. Thats the one thing that we dont want to do. - JOEL KRAMER- (stunt coordinator)

“Timing is very important,” Gill said. “You can’t rehearse it.”

And they didn’t. Before cameras started rolling, Gill and the crew had a pow-wow to discuss strategy. Since none of them had ever done anything like it before, the discussion wasn’t very long. They went with what they thought would work.

Vin Disel ( Toretto) along with his crew went to escape Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsay  a Letty and Dom opened the door by a bomb and O’Conner (Paul Walker) presented an impressive and incredible stunt by jumping out of his car to the other bus having a great speed.. and  a great timing, You can see some extraordinary stunt action and thrilling at the same time by PW.

Watching Walker perform in clips like the above brings an added layer of seriousness and intensity to the project, due to his sudden death, which happened back in 2013 — midway through filming the sequel. Walker’s death remains very emotional for fans, close friends and family, and the actor’s Furious 7 co-stars.

The Telegraph
Walker died part-way through the making of Fast & Furious 7; the film was completed with help from his two younger brothers, Caleb and Cody, and some subtle, unobtrusive computer graphics….But as a commemoration of his talent – the peculiar one, vital to Hollywood’s survival, of being able to shine like a brilliant-cut gemstone the moment  you climb behind a steering wheel – the film does him justice. 

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