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1100+ HP Pickup Truck Humiliates Viper & Toyota Supra !

A drag race between a monster pickup truck with a single turbo 75mm engine under the hood that can produce 1100+ Horsepower and over 900 pounds feet of torque and a supercharged dodge Viper. We don’t know much about this dodge viper. The event is held on the drag strip during TX2K13 at Hennessey‘s Lonestar Motorsports, but is everything like it appears to be. The video we have prepared today is a real positive vibe booster for every pickup truck fan out there who has deepest emotions for these monster and massive machines. As you are about to see, the powerful pickup truck is preparing great and finishes the race first with the result of 11.07 seconds at 120.32 mph, more than half a seconds before the Viper. To tell you guys the truth, I still can not really comprehend the whole thing. Either this is the viper‘s driver first ever appearance at a drag strip, or..? Notice that he does not even look interested at the beginning of the race, not even revving whilst waiting for the green light and has a very poor start.

I personally know many of guys with pickup truck that can develop over 1 000 horsepower and still can not even get close to the Viper, but this guy makes it look like an old station wagon.

Watch this video and share your opinions with us. The guys were able to grab a clip and an interview with the owner and driver of this badass Dodge Ram pickup truck. The Viper’s driver limped the car out of the gate and let the pickup truck get a lead, but even at full song further down track, the big diesel is clearly still pulling away as it trails a long black veil of diesel fumes behind it.

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