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Powerful Truck @ Michigan Mud Jam ! Watch This Beast

Here we have a video with an outstanding and powerful Truck that is giving us one hell of a performance at the West Georgia Mud Park , at this year’s Michigan Mud Jam. Unfortunately, we do not have much of a data about this great looking and powerful Truck . I guess that the author of the video did not think that it would be good thing and useful to give us some sort of information about the main protagonist of this video. Probably thought that the performance itself should be more than enough !  The norm is for everyone to travel South to the large Florida events each year, but things may change this year.  Michigan has a great chance of being invaded by some of the baddest Trucks  from the South – the coalition has already began from the South to go up and show those up North what it’s all about.  Also, did we mention the World Freestyle Championship is being held at this event next year?  Also, it will be the first ever match up between Twitty & Perkins to finally determine Ford vs Chevy and North vs South and who is the true Wheelie King of the Muddin Nation. And indeed it is a one hell of a performance with this highly modified Chevy monster Truck with an engine that probably generates a lot more than 1 000 horse and torque power, doing a wheelie, some hard core mud jamming, passing through the mud holes .



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