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R34 Nissan skyline 1000 hp Vs toyota 2JZ : Drag Race

The R34 Nissan Skyline is one of those performance car benchmarks. Over in the US many consider it to be a ‘halo car’. It was never sold in North America and strict rules on importation, and a fair amount of confusion when it comes to the question of legalisation for road use, meant that very few were imported and even fewer are used daily. The following video, shot by YouTube user Allan Diablo, shows an imported R34 Nissan Skyline kept and maintained by SP Engineering. This R34 Nissan Skyline produces around 1,000hp and the modifications are pretty extensive. The RB26DETT Nissan Skyline engine received a set of Garrett twin GT35 turbos along with a HKS exhaust manifold, Step 3 stroker kit, F-CON V Pro engine management system and 1.2mm head gasket




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