home Drag Races, Drifting, For Fun Race between Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block ! who will win ?

Race between Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block ! who will win ?

Two legends going head to head Race on the track for the very first time . watch the video to see what happened when  Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block climbed into their company cars  a V8 Mercedes F1 racer and a Rallycross Ford Fiesta and went against each other in a Race to the line  . In order to even out the contest both men competed on largely different trails that suited their vehicles, but did manage to meet at a small intersection. It is truly amazing to watch such racers driving in their own way at the same time! Ken does power slides in the curves, burns the tires while the car is in motion and a moment later you see him in the air, whereas Lewis does donuts in the middle of the track, ! These guys really raise the crowd`s adrenalin with every passed second! And ours as well! This video presents what kind of skills they have, although they have proven that so many times. Simply ASTONISHING! The show at the end makes the story complete.




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