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Rat Rod Truck is Jumping ! Fat Redneck Found a Perfect Pal

Here we have a Rat Rod Truck that wad built and put together by the owner of which you can see riding inside. We have see how creative rednecks can get before, but this rat rod most certainly takes the cake! If you like smooth diesel spinouts, keep on moving; this is not the video for you. But, if you like a lot of bounce in your truck when it comes to rat rod spin outs, click play and be happy for this video is home to a diesel old school Rat Rod Truck . It is a true rat rod in all of its unfinished glory, and when its driver gets its roaring engine growling and its eight rear wheels all a-spinnin’ and a-smoking in a killer burnout you will probably pee your pants in a moment of pure bliss.  Interiors of Rat Rod Truck can range from spartan to fully finished, though this is typically the final phase of construction. Mexican blankets and bomber seats form the basis of many rat rod interiors.

Hot rodding convulses though fits and trends like any other quadrant in the car hobby universe. One of the latest crazes is Rat Rod Truck .



“The foundation of the rat rod truck is a bare bones, basement budget build,” says Anthony who as been a Rat Bastard club member for a year and a half. “Taking one thing and modifying it to be another. Or using a part for something that it was never intended to do. Paint, freshly dipped chrome parts, and how many miles you have your truck trailered mean nothing to rat rodders. All of the people in the rat rod community believe that trucks are meant to be driven, not left in the garage to rot away. It’s an extremely free-spirited community where anything goes as long as you are having fun.”



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