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Remote Control Precision Drifting with Lexus ! Drift44

Automaker Lexus is known for its precision-controlled vehicles, but they’re equally good at churning out remote-controlled toy cars . at least it appears that way in Play Time: Remote-Control Precision Drifting with Lexus, a new promotional video produced by Lexus in conjunction with RC maven Drift44. Drift44 lives up to his moniker in Play Time Remote-Control Precision Drifting with Lexus, performing a variety of very cool drifting stunts with a 1/10th scale RC Lexus. In addition to the stunts, another cool thing about the video is the way it’s shot, making it look almost like a full-size car doing these amazing things . One could think that the remote controlled cars in drifting action is not such a big deal compared with the real life drifting, with real cars of course. But after you will be done watching this hypnotic two minutes of Play Time`s video clip with RC drifts with the awesome Lexus RC model, I can guarantee that even the biggest skeptics will change their mind.

It is a video from the Drift 44, who are once again living up to their name and reputation, giving us one perfectly recorded clip, with some awesome drifts and stunts, with this 1 to 10 scale RC model of Lexus. The viewer is having an impression that he is watching a full-size car, doing these amazingly precise drifts, until the moment when we see a matchstick, that gives us a real point of view about the size of this cool vehicle.



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