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Saleen Mustang 500HP vs Coga Truck – EPIC RACE

 Saleen Mustang 500HP vs Coga Truck – EPIC DRAG RACE
This is a ”must see” at the strange race list ! And here we have a white Mustang 500HP against a Coga Truck which is a real wild giant. Furthermore Benoit Gagné is the guy who organized this race

We are sure this Coga Truck is a real beast and can beat most of the cars.

However Nicolas Gagnon’s Peterbilt Coga is a different story. This ain’t your ordinary Pete, with a 2500+ HP CAT C18 engine, it’s easily one of the most powerful trucks in the world.

Saleen Automotive, commonly known as Saleen, is an American manufacturer of specialty high-performance sports cars and high-performance automotive parts. Saleen is headquartered in Corona, California, USA. On June 26, 2013 Saleen Automotive, Inc became public through a reverse merger. It is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board and is controlled and majority owned by Saleen brand founder Steve Saleen.

Saleen’s flagship car is the Saleen S7, introduced in 2000. The S7 was wholly built by Saleen and features a mid-engine design in a high-performance supercar package. It is also currently the only Saleen production car not based on an existing design or chassis.


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