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Semi Truck Drifting Gymkhana 1 By Michiel Becx !

Watch this Semi Truck Drifting Gymkhana 1 epic playground video from Fursten Forest in Germany! Lots of skills with massive burnout, drifting and donuts and much more. You guys will see the most incredible driving skills by Michiel Becx with a semi truck with 1000HP. The sport of Semi Truck Drifting is straight insanity. This guy takes a semi around a road course he setup similar to how Ken Block would, but again, his semi truck is a bit less drift-able. Beings as Speed Society is quite biased to Ken Block we thought all others would pale in comparison, but we were actually quite impressed.

This Semi Truck Drifting looks much amazing and this truck is only made for this purpose, and while the video came out great one can only wonder how many tries some of this stuff took.Watch the below video and share your opinion with us and also dont forget to share this epic video


The amazing green font does not endorse any sticky lemonade, but for the Dutch Becx TDS Racing team. And the drift cell is not a pimped mini cars, but a 6,000-pound truck from MAN TGS 18.1100.

Here you see some imitations of the Ken Block stunts such as swinging the rear end around to hit a tower with a guy on top. They also do a clip where they are doing donuts around a man on a Segway. While we wish they were a little more creative and came up with their own stuff .Take this attempt by Becx-TDS Racing where they’ve managed to get a semi-tractor to drift. Is it cool? Well, kinda. But the friggin’ thing is 10,000 lbs. and unfortunately lacks the quickness and grace of Block’s original video. I understand they’re trying to take the sport of gymkhana to another level.



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