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Semi Truck Jump, Prime mover ! 101.9 Feet With Ash Nichols!

Crazy Semi Truck Jump with Ash Nichols. The Ford LTL had a flight of 101.9 feet and ended with a safe landing! We have seen motorbikes jumping, SUVs jumping, ATVs jumping, cars jumping yet seeing a TRUCK jumping is quite RARE! We thought that this is possible only in games, but apparently we were wrong. In order to be able to do this, the truck runs up to increase the speed. What is good about this video is the fact that we can see this jump several times, from different angles. There is a camera on the side of the track as well as on the truck’s roof. Also, there is a slow motion edition of the jump. However, the person that recorded the video could record a bit longer on the truck’s way down. This semi truck clears a huge gap when it launches off of a ramp. If there’s one video that we’ve shared that straight up comes out and screams “America!” this is that video. Watch as this semi truck builds up speed and is launched into the air in quite dramatic fashion

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