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Small Girl Can’t Get in this Monster Ford 250

Maybe you thought that was the only problem that is possible? If yes, you will need to watch the following video that we have prepared it for you, just to have a good laugh. We have here one gigantically high lifter Ford 250 that is a real monster of a truck, and this normal girl was trying to find the way to get in the truck. When we saw the video for the first time, she reminded us on Smurfette. But it is a good thing to be persistent because this girl did it.
Check out the video and have a few laughs while watching this little girl and the big truck Ford 250

The funniest part of the video is the pick up trucks owner had been out of the clip for most of the video until he passes by at the end with a 6′ ladder that he had obviously been searching for to help the damsel in distress. He finally arrives with the helpful ladder a second to late, as the small girl uses the large chunky treads of the new mud tires to climb her way in the lifted truck!

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