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Smallest V8 Engine Vs Biggest V8 Engine !

The one on one contest between the Smallest V8 Engine and the Biggest V8 Engine is here, Watch the info and videos bellow and feel free to comment and don’t forget to share it if you like it. Smallest V8 Engine with less than 3 CU IN is scratch built smallest V8 engine joined by the Megasquirt MS2 fuel injection. The single injection is made by Punto injector internals and it also consist oil system under pressure, alloy block, drilled crank, vernier cam pulleys, cast iron wet liners, fuel pump by Walbro, anodised and bead blasted finish, butterfly shaft with throttle pos sensor and megasquirt’s 24-tooth trigger wheel!The fuel injector for the engine is out of a Fiat Punto injector parts and Tuner Studio from MegaSquirt as brain for optimizing the fuel efficiency.

Smallest V8 Engine is Electronically Fuel Injected engine themed on LT5 engine in C4 generation ZR1 Corvette models is here and it’s damn cool. Made by Keith, this 45cc V8 engine is built from scratch by making a TPI intake manifold that has cross plane crank, Chevy V8 firing order.


The Worlds Biggest V8 Engine  with 1001 CU.IN is made by Sonny Leonard’s company especialy made for car racing and enthusiast market. The first project engines pulled 2,118HP at 7,700 rpm on the dyno test run. As you may know it now racing in Australia and it was featured in the media! Today, there is a street version that runs on E85 fuel, with over 1,360HP and 1,314 lb-ft of torque and maximum of 5.500 rpm! The thread on the Home Model Engine Machinist forum contains his build log in which he details how all the different parts were made. The engine has an electric starter, uses a fuel injection system and [Keith] even made his own injection molds for several plastic parts.




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