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Smokey 2006 Dodge Charger Cummins Rollin’ Coal

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, somebody shoehorned a diesel into a late model Charger. Why? Why not?

idea is freaking awesome.. a massive smokey burnout from a cop dodge charger car.

2006 was the first year for Dodge to jump back into the police car market with a cop-spec version of the four door Charger. The cars had hemi power, tough looks, and can still be seen buzzing the nations highways and byways looking for bad guys. This one? This one is an entirely different animal and it is one of the neatest things we have seen in a while. Instead of beefing up the hemi that came in the car, the owner of this machine decided that he wanted more torque and he did so by either installing himself or having someone install a Cummins six cylinder diesel and manual transmission into the car. If the engine is hooked to the transmission that came behind it from the factory it is an NV4500 gear jammer. If it isn’t anyone’s guess could be correct for what is backing it now.

Unfortunately we have no idea of where the car is from, who did the work, if the engine is stock, or anything else about this car other than the burnout video we were tipped off to below. We believe that the Cummins engine with all of the fluids in it weight in at about 1,000lbs, so the front suspension has likely been strengthened to handle the weight. The car’s ride height is not bad and from the side and even the back, it doesn’t really look like anything is amiss. The wheels are not our favorite, but frankly who gives a rip? This is an awesome freak with major, major speed potential. Having seen trucks that weigh about twice what this car does running 10s with Cummins six cylinder engines, you can only imagine what this package could do under the right circumstances.

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