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Stolen Ford Mustang 1967 Back To Owner After 30 Years !

30 years ago from now, in Salinas, California, Lynda Alsip’s Ford Mustang 1967 was stolen. It was a car that she bought when she was 17. And it is needless to say that it is a perfect car for every teenager, so I think that we can all imagine her big disappointment. During all these nearly three decades, police could not find the stolen Ford Mustang 1967. So by now, Lynda had completely given up on it. But the claim and the well known cliche that ‘nothing is impossible’ proved to be true again. After all these many years, California Highway Patrol somehow managed to find this stolen 1967 Ford Mustang. Which is only about 30 miles from the home of Lynda. 

On Monday, an officer in the California Highway Patrol’s monterey area brought the Ford Mustang 1967 back to her, police said. “It’s like winning the lottery,” Alsips told NBC affiliate KN TV. “It happens to some people, but very few and far between. And for it to happen to me, it’s just an amazing feeling”. So I think that you can imagine the surprise when she saw her very own Ford Mustang 1967, being brought back to her. This Ford Mustang 1967 is not in a perfect condition. But given into a skillful hand, this thing will be ready to rock n’ roll once again in no time. 

The Story Of Stolen Ford Mustang 1967

Here is the story started from, A Salinas man ended up buying the Ford Mustang 1967 in 1991 as a project. And he did some work on the car over the past 23 years, the Californian reported. Then, in September, he took it to the Department of Motor Vehicles to finally get it registered. “It had been out of the system for so long that it came back with no file,” Officer Jamie Rios told the Santa Cruz Sentinel. “All of the files for the Ford Mustang 1967 had been purged.”

This was under Officer Chris Menchen. Who performed a Vehicle Identification Number inspection on the car. He found the Ford Mustang 1967 had no records, police said. Menchen eventually found the stolen car report from the 1980’s, police said. And tracked down the last person it had been registered to Alsip’s mother, who still lived in Salinas. Officer told the Sentinel that the man who had the Ford Mustang 1967 for 23 years had bought it from storage. But the officials are investigating whether the person who bought this 1967 ford mustang knew he had bought a stolen car. The owner of the car Alsip had worked hard for her Mustang. which she bought for $800 as a 17-year-old. That’s sadly often times the case with stolen cars.


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