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The Akrapovic Morsus First Ride.. Unique Custom Machine

MCN Road Tester Trevor Franklin takes the critically acclaimed Akrapovic Morsus for a world first test ride in Slovenia.

The carbon-fiber tank trim/ seat unit does provide a little “suspension,” though, damped by a Fox air shock. A big Showa fork held in Dreamachine triple-clamps hangs onto the 3.5 x 26-inch carbon-fiber front wheel—the same size as the one out back.

Motive power comes from a 113-inch (1852cc) S&S engine rated at 144 horsepower that not only exhales through a custom Akrapovic titanium system but also inhales through a craftily devised system with a carbon-fiber endcap; the poor air must not know if it’s coming or going

As a result, slow entry speed is everything with exaggerated upper body lean at mid-corner and a fistful of throttle on the way out, complete with a huge smile. Morsus is also one of those bikes where you can forgo comfort because of what it is. It’s a showpiece; a headturner; a rolling example of creative design and art.

The Morsus is a unique custom machine built for aftermarket exhaust giant Akrapovic by specialists Dreamachine Motorcycles of Slovenia. It went from drawing to finished article in just two and a half months and went on to win major European custom show championships, culminating with an entry to the AMD World Championship.


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