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The Best Burnout Ever ! Dodge RamCharger

$300.00 special catching Hell .  At the 2011 Burnout party . This vehicle was bought to finish the show with a bang !! Probably this is the best burnout ever! Today we present you perhaps the best burnout that we have ever seen. But, you don’t always need a super expensive car to do that burnout. Maybe you just need an old-school vehicle like this Dodge Ramcharger. This Dodge RamCharger  refuses to quit at this burnout party even when shredding a tire, he keeps going and going. Watch the following video to see this amazing burnout. This guy is really amazing and he presents us one amazing burnout show. This peg-leg Dodge RamCharger roasts the right rear tire in a burnout contest for so long that it literally shreds the tire…but the fun doesn’t stop there.  The driver continues to let the right rear wheel spin until it has ripped the entire tire from the steel wheel. this Dodge Ramcharger’s V8 engine sounds great so make sure that you have your speakers cranked up to hear the sound of melting rubber, grinding metal and a roaring American V8 engine .



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