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The biggest and Heaviest Air Freight in the World

The biggest and Heaviest Air Freight in the World

225 is a turbojet air freight shestimotorny vysokoplan with swept wings and two-keel plumage. Equipped with six aircraft engines D-18 of JSC “Motor Sich” Development Design Office “Progress”. Academician AG Ivchenko.
Dimensions of cargo cabin: length – 43 m, width – 6,4 m, height – 4.4 m. Cargo aircraft cabin is pressurized, which significantly expands its transport capacity. Over the cargo cabin on the second deck – cabin for six crew and 88 people accompanying the goods.
On-board handling equipment, as well as the design of the front cargo door ramp provides quick and easy loading and unloading. The aircraft is capable of carrying loads unique to the fuselage, the dimensions of which do not allow to place them on other land and air vehicles. For installation of these goods on the fuselage has a special attachment system.

The aircraft An-225 “Mriya” has a large degree of continuity and harmonization of systems, units, units and parts of airframe, power plant and equipment with a certified aircraft An-124-100 (“Ruslan”). The main differences from the AN-124:
The new center-
Increasing the length of the fuselage due to insertions
Replacing the tail on dvuhkilevoe
The absence of a tail cargo hatch
Increasing the number of the main landing gear struts
The fastening system and boost external cargo
Two additional engine

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