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The Biggest Tractor in the World ! Wanna Buy This

An impressive 28 ft long and 20 ft wide, Big Bud’s enormity is no coincidence . ”this massive tractor shares some of the same DNA as super-sized mining equipment. The 8 ft tall wheels of this 4WD tractor are mounted on Clark D-85840 axles, ”the same axles found in former mining staple the Clark Michigan L480 wheel loader. Big Bud came into production in 1977 when Montana-based Northern Manufacturing filled an order for the Rossi brothers. With its 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel 16V92T engine, Big Bud could keep up a fast pace, working more than one acre per minute. the largest tractor in the world ever. The numbers clearly justify the impressive title of this vehicle, as it is long around 27 feet, it is 14 feet tall and it can brag itself with 20 feet width. Amazing right? Well that is not all, as this enormous truck can reach 900HP and when is filled to the top it weighs 50 tons.



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