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The Fast & The Furious cars Test Drive ! Dom’s Charger & Brian’s Supra

Is this the job of your dreams? Test drive of the original The fast and the Furious cars! Dom’s Charger & Brian’s Supra! On our great disappointment, this video contains only English subtitles. Maybe the majority of us do not understand the spoken language, but we definitely understand what these vehicles are saying! Especially the Supra! And naturally, the accent is on the Japanese car. You can see the NOS bottles up close and they are in function! However, the owner of this Supra does not use them .

The driver explains that this Toyota Supra is the real deal unlike the Charger in this video because it is fake. Additionally, the turbo in the Supra kicks in at 4000 RPM and the sound it produces presents a real delight! All in all this is an attractive footage because it features real life screenshots as well as fragments from the movie.As shown in the video test drive, the Charger moves like an old oil tanker, thus it cannot reach more than 30mph in a corner. The Supra is terrific and its colors and decals are definitely old school. These cars must be kept in a museum…R.I.P Paul Walker

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