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The First Ever Wheel Driven Track System!

I’m sure that many of you knew what you are about to see from the video below and the title, taking into an account that we had presented you with the Track system already. However, we simply thought that it would be good to refresh our memory once again, with this simply awesome and revolutionary  Track System that turns your pickup truck into a real snowmobile in a manner of minutes! They key innovation represented by the Track System is in its installation process, which is only supposed to take 15 minutes and only requires you to drive over the Track N Go and attach the system to your car. After that, it’s powered by your own vehicle’s wheels, helping them brave all manners of snow and ice . Every Track N Go kit includes four track system and two loading ramps. To get the tracks onto your wheels, you start by placing the tracks on the ground two at a time (side by side) with the ramps leading up to them. You then just drive up onto them, and clamp them on . integrated rubber rollers press into the tire from either side, apparently holding everything securely in place.

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