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The future of Monster Truck Racing ! Watch these creations

Monster truck have never raced like this before! Get ready for heart pounding action from the king of all monster trucks, Bigfoot, with footage chosen by Bigfoot mastermind Bob Chandler . You’ll marvel as the huge truck charges past competitors while jumping over  and sometimes hopelessly crunching .  Here you have the chance to see the monster truck that started everything, more than 30 years ago! BIGFOOT ! In this video you are going to see  the beginning of this trend and its development for around 25 years. Of course there are both ups and downs as well. But that’s what makes it so special. Bob and Marylyn Chandler and Jim Cramer are going to show you monster trucks in different situations like car crashing, hill climbs, waterrunnings, crash collections, movie scenes, amazing stunts, as well as races both older and newer and our personal favorite  .




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