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The Running Obsession Dodge Challenger

A Submission by Fan Harris Sheikh . . The Dodge Challenger,  gets its first major update since this model was first introduced. But that’s not even the biggest piece of news for this muscle-car lineup; the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat arrives as the most powerful muscle car ever.

With carefully refined exterior styling, new powertrains, upgraded suspension, and an all-new–and far more pleasant–interior, the  Dodge Challenger stays up to date in the face of competition from not only the Chevy Camaro but an all-new Ford Mustang this year.

The Challenger has always been the largest and blockiest of the muscle cars, giving it substantial road presence. Looked at through a different lens, the Challenger has been slightly more of a touring coupe–large and comfortable, with a supple ride on long trips. Now that persona is joined by an array of even more powerful, rip-up-the-track models at the top end, for Challenger buyers who want to keep pace with the most powerful vehicles in the competition’s lineups.

A Submission by Fan Harris Sheikh

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