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The World’s Fastest Jet Engines Powered Truck !

Only one word can accurately describe the spectacle of two wondrously powerful jet Truck facing off against each other at the same time on a drag strip: badass. Just to be in the presence of the two extreme machines is an experience that makes even the rowdiest of rock concerts look tame, with plenty of thunderous noise and pyrotechnics to go along with the show. Back in August of 2013 just such an event was held as part of the International Hot Rod Association Northern Nitro Jam in Martin, Michigan. The annual gathering usually sees some extreme vehicles show up, but the spectacle of the jet trucks squaring off against each other was so unique, it definitely stole the show. The race was staged at the 131 drag strip, supposedly the fastest drag strip in the entire state. We are sure that you won’t get stuck behind this Truck . The combined output of the two jet Truck launching off the line is actually enough to technically be classified as an earthquake in the immediate area.




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