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This is Completely Awesome ! Mad Max GoKart Paintball War

Here is the tribute . This tribute is not just a bunch of dust-coated Warboys firing arrows at one another in cobbled-together monster machines, but something so much more wonderful. Instead of full-sized cars, this war is being fought with GoKarts. Instead of using full-sized machine guns, this tiny feature uses guns generally employed on paintball. I think that it was very clear for all those who know a thing or two about how Hollywood and today’s pop culture is functioning, that regardless of how really good is the latest new Mad Max film, it will have a huge overall impact on the entire culture. And when it comes to the ultimate Gearheads from all over the world, it is needless to say that all those great chasing scenes with all the huge and ominous looking trucks, buggies and of course, the big semi-truck that is leading the group, will be a source of an inspiration for all kinds of things!It is an awesome clip by the renown video maker Devin Super Tramp, who made and released this great tribute of the Mad Max .

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