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Tony Hawk : Hoverboards Are Real ! Back To The Future

Tony Hawk is well known person. We’re almost at the end of 2015, and the question isn’t if Back To The Future’s Marty McFly would have a hoverboard to ride, but which one ? If McFly has any sense of branding, perhaps he’ll be swayed by the new Hendo 2.0, A redesigned magnetic levitation board featuring design input from legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk . But McFly is hardly limited to just one type. On shelves, there’s the hands free Segway-style hoverboard that is neither a board, nor does it hover. There’s the Lexus built magnetic levitation hoverboard that works in exactly one specially built skate-park. Earlier this year, an American even flew a homebuilt hoverboard across a record-setting distance over a lake in Canada.

Tony Hawk feedback mostly had to do with how the board handled. the original is moving more like a ridable ironing board. But the new 2.0 includes a thinner and narrower deck, which the company says makes the board easier to use. While it’s relatively clear that we’re dealing with a promotional stunt, it remains to be seen if there’s any truth to HUVr’s aspirations or if there is a brand behind the anti-gravity shenanigans. Just the top is probably worth mentioning that the video shown in the device certainly not genuine, despite the argument raised at the beginning of the video.


But why invest time, money and effort to produce a mere feikkivideon? Has already been contested, according to which it might be subtle advertising gimmick next Back to the Future movies or movie series of restart of the video.


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