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TT Duramax Vs. New Corvette C7 – Awesome Highway Race –

It’s become a thing, hasn’t it? Whereas before the Fast and the Furious made four cylinder tuners all the craze, now the big dog truck drivers want in on the action. In this video, you’ll see a souped up twin turbo charged diesel Duramax drop into a dead sprint against a classic Corvette c7 . Who would ever think it would even be a serious race? First note – highway racing? Totally illegal. Definitely don’t try this at home (or on the freeway). That said, it’s amazing the sound of that twin turbo diesel Chevy Duramax spinning up into warp drive. Off the factory floor, the Chevy Duramax is known for many things: great tow and payload capacity, a strong reliable engine with 765 lb-ft of torque, and enough brute force to claw its way to any job site imaginable. That said – it’s never been known for speed.

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