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UNBELIEVABLE science facts: TRUCK on Square Wheels !

you can get a smooth ride out of square wheels… these square wheels are working with a great speed and producing a very powerful sound.. though If they drive long enough I think those squares will eventually turn into circles. 😀

The myth is “Tires that are square can run as smooth as tires that are round.” As usual, a surprising amount of people actually believed that one..Only when the rotation accelerated to the point where only the corners were touching the ground did the ride go smoothly, Thus proving that only a shape with a constant surface can serve as a proper wheel.its a good torture test of road  They built Ford tough with such amazing wheels… You can see how these square wheels are adjusting the whole truck balance… no vibration or terrible condition has been made by these square wheels.. instead of it the truck is running successfully at a great speed without any problem.the ride gets smoother because of the rounder shape they take the more and more they get damaged.  ROUNDER

UNBELIEVABLE science facts: TRUCK on Square Wheels !

driving on square wheels is like trying to get through life without GOD.  You may be able to do it, but the ride will be very bumpy and scary…It is not silly but rather jars the minds of viewers and facilitates imaginative thought.it is both entertaining and insightful.  There is a very practical application for such a square wheel in the context of a hybrid employing both round and square.

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