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Volvo FM12 “STW Truck Drifts On The Street ! Amazing Video

Check out this amazing Drifting performance With The Volvo FM12 “STW  Truck On The Streets in Warsaw, Poland. This thing drifts and power-slides, thanks to the very powerful Volvo engine ! Before becoming the first driftTIRem in Poland , he survived many ups , gracefully avoiding the lows. In 1998, straight from the factory he came to the headquarters of the ATF Heavy Transport . Adam Fijał married him semitrailer Truck LOHR type that allows the transport of three tractors and trucks frames in various combinations. It was the first such specialized set in Eastern Europe. Many years he gave himself great advice, often transporting goods , which , given its specifications , he had no right to carry because they were too heavy for him as much as 40 %. In time, they were replaced by younger Truck , and he was Truck maneuvering .


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