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Watch This One Wheel Bike ! The Most Incredible Motorbike

Six years ago, Portland-based engineer Chris Hoffmann was driving with his 13-year-old daughter Lauren to go fishing. On the journey, out of the silence, Lauren said, “Daddy, I’ve been thinking about this one-wheeled motorcycle I saw in a video game. Could you actually build something like that?” What happened next changed his life. In the next few months, Chris begins shipping the first production version of the Ryno, a self balancing, one wheeled Bike US$5250 personal mobility device that has caused tidal waves of interest across the internet with global distribution and manufacturing on several continents in planning. This is Chris Hoffmann’s story of what happened in the intervening six years, in his own words. It is the most custom built motorbike that goes even beyond your wildest imaginations! It is called Ryno and it looks like it jumped out of the screen from some Science Fiction movie. But just wait till you see the video we have prepared and all the things that can be done with this incredible and most original one wheel Bike !



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