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White Wide Body Chevrolet Camaro SS ! Dangerous And Hot

There is something special about this Chevrolet Camaro SS, just take a look on this beast  and everything will be clear in just one second. There is one beautiful thing about it, you can make it custom as you want it, we think that was the original idea of this amazing Chevrolet Camaro SS. I really sure about this that you people will agree about one thing, this car is not even close to the original 1969 camaro! This mighty car is very away from the old and amazing 1969 Chevy Camaro. We can’t ignore this Camaro SS even it has not got an engine because you can put a monster inside the hood, directly from hell, that can roar angry and burn the enormous tires. We all think that this 1969 Chevrolet should appear in the next Transformers movie, it can successfully replace Yellow one.  It has the attributes, angry accented look and it is coming from another planet! Is this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro destined to have glory? Does it will see the daylight powered by different engines?

This Chevrolet Camaro SS is very different from others and it is also called the “Illusion”. This beast was shown at sema show which was held last year in Las Vegas by a famous group named  “Relentless Rides”.

This Chevrolet Camaro SS is surely different from others and it is also called illusion. This beast was shown at sema show last year in Las Vegas. There is some great work going on with the chasing upgrading, it’s like some better brakes and control but the dangerous design is killing everybody. Just giving an iconic body is not enough but those massive air intakes made this mighty vehicle amazing and complete. In short this chevy Camaro is superb amazing and attractive . Watch this video and share your views with us.


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