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Wide as Van, 1968 Dodge Charger

The Charger goes, then starts wobbling. And since it’s as wide as a van, when that big body begins to float around, you really have to be on your toes to keep it together. The steering has nothing to do with the road and because you don’t want to overload the system by braking and steering at the same time in a corner, the best way to enjoy the Charger is to floor it in straights and let it run without too much interference as long as you can.. 1968 Dodge Charger is extreme powerful.. one simply can’t help loving it.  Here you can find some amazing pictures of dodge chargers. Just see the pictures and also share this and give us your feedbacks. Not only does this Charger look awesome and pack some huge tire-smoking power.

This Mopar sounds incredible as the vintage American muscle car speeds away from the camera with thick white smoke billowing out of the rear end. This is definitely a video that has to be enjoyed with the sound turned up.

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