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Fastest Car Crush! 120MPH! Expensive Crush Test

The world’s fastest ever crash test — just how big are the forces involved and how much of a family car is left after it crashes at a speed not uncommon on British motorways?

Did anybody else have a hard time with how much this guy was trying to make this video seem tragic? I mean a 120mph crash is great and not common, but the shit this guy was saying:

even in a controlled environment the thought of such an impact sent shivers down my spine

its around this time I get quite nervous

Fastest Car Crush! 120MPH! Expensive Crush Test

didn’t each respective part of the vehicle go from 120 MPH to 0 MPH in 0 milliseconds, rather than 68? Unless the wall moved, there was no deceleration. Unless you pick a point where the passengers were sitting. Then you can time their deceleration. Maybe that’s what they were doing..–

To decelerate from 120 MPH to 0 MPH in 0 milliseconds is impossible. You get a divide by 0 error when calculating the deceleration.

If you had a high speed video camera pointed at the exact point of impact with the wall, you would see there is a non-zero amount of time it takes for the velocity of the car’s point of impact to change from 120 MPH to 0 MPH along with deformation of the wall.

120mph is 53 meters per second, 0.053 meters per millisecond, or 1 meter per 19ms. Let’s assume the Focus in 3.5 meters long (10 1/2 feet). It looks like they multiplied 19 by 3.5 to get 68ms. Which is clearly wrong, because the rear bumper traveled about half of the distance of the car (and then went up) before stopping, whereas the immediate front of the car stopped almost immediately.

This test is an equivalent of the worst case scenario, hence the crush experts are not going to use expensive crush test dummies, but shop front manikins instead.

If you are not a hard heart than here is a warning for you to don’t see it.. but i bet you will be surprised after watching this..

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