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WOW! Check This TURBOSPOKE Bicycle EXHAUST System!

Turbospoke is a complete exhaust system that fits to any bike and makes it look and sound just like a real dirt bike. Turbospoke is based on the old ‘baseball-card-in-the-spokes’ concept, brought right up to date. The realistic engine sounds are created using long lasting plastic cards, a clever sound chamber and an awesome megaphone exhaust pipe which really amplifies the sound.

WOW! Check This TURBOSPOKE Bicycle EXHAUST System!The sound which you cant believe is actually coming from a bicycle i wonder how is it possible? but this exhaust system is made to create some extra ordinary engine sound

The Turbospoke bike muffler gives your bicycle the look and sound of a real motorcycle. The engine sounds start as soon as the wheels turn, so the sound changes with the speed of the bike.

The sounds are made by a thin plastic Motocard which is held against the spokes of the bicycle wheel. Includes three Motocards for tunable sound, mounting hardware and 15 decals for a custom look. With its variable spacers, the universal clamp will fit to almost any bike frame in minutes. For 16″ or larger wheels.




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